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商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

Q&A of VC10s

General speaking, pesticides residues and nitrate residues need to be extracted before detection. This is not easy to doit for home use. VC10s is designed to be simple, fast and accurate so that users can know what extent the pesticides residues and nitrate residuesare in vegetables. We use innovative optical-electrical composite methods, as well as AI artificial intelligence technology, to calculate the residual probability for both systemic pesticides residues and nitrate residues. Therefore, userswill know how much the residual amount of pesticide residues and nitrate residue will stay in the vegetables within one minute without any extraction. For users, it is only necessary to know which lightmeans“OK” and which lightmeans“not OK”. It’s very easy to get started with VC10s, and users do not need to know chemistry at all orprofessional training of extraction.
VC10s can detect systemic pesticides residues and nitrate residues in vegetables.Both residues are counted together. As for the detection of residues in fruits, tea, meat, drink or other crops, it’s not available now.
VC10s can detect systemic pesticides residues in vegetables. When pesticides are classified according to the route of application, they can be classified into surface type and systemic type. Surface-type pesticides: Refers to pesticides that are sprayed on the surface of plants and act directly on the surface or absorbed through the surface. Systematic pesticide: refers to pesticides that are absorbed through the roots of plants and transferred to the whole body of plant. General speaking, Flushing with a large amount of water can remove only surface-type pesticides.
Because the action of systemic pesticides is mainly through the absorption of roots or pedicles into the body of the vegetables, the residues in the roots will be higher than other parts of the vegetables so the root or the pedicle is the best position for detection. Because of the different ways in which vegetables grow, it is recommended to test the roots of leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Bok Coy…etc. The root vegetables are recommended to test its pedicle, such as carrots,pumpkin…etc.
Since we are using innovative optical-electronical composite detection technology and AI artificial intelligence algorithm, we need to collect and process astronomical data of characteristics. VC10s is the first generation of our products, and its characteristic data is from vegetables. In addition, the characteristic data of aqueous solution, fruit, tea or other non-vegetables is completely different. Although we can obtain the data from detection of non-vegetables, the resultdoesn’t mean anything.
VC10s usesinnovative optical-electronical composite detection technology to detect the residues in vegetables. Since the residues inside of vegetables are trace level physically, the electrode will adsorb residues when the probe is operating, which will affect the surface distribution within a certain range. Therefore, we suggest that each cut surface can be tested only once, thus the results of such condition will be close to the natural distribution.
Generally speaking, pesticide residues and nitrate residues are unevenly distributed in vegetables. It’s possible that we will have different results in different cut surface. Furthermore, the results might vary due to environmental differences during detecting, incorrect operation,repeatedly detections of one place, because of the residues inside of vegetables are trace level physically.
The five lights on VC10s represent different residual rates, indicating the probability of pesticide residues and nitrate residues in vegetables. The higher residual concentration is, the higher residues being detected by VC10s. on the contrary, the lower residual concentration is, the safer it will be. Basically, green and yellow lights are acceptable.
Because VC10s is designed to be simple, fast and accurate so that users can know what extent the pesticides residues and nitrate residuesare in vegetables. We don't want too much pre-treatment (homogenization, extraction) for the user to operate.Just a simple button for the user to operate, the he will know which light means OK, or which light means not OK. We are pursuing such simple and understandable products, so we use some methods in mathematics: multi-sampling, majority decision to achieve the above pre-processing purposes. The more samples you test, the closer it is to the real situation (the concept of multi-sampling is similar to the pretreating homogenization action, and the concept of majority decision is the extraction action on the pre-treatment).
VC10s is designed according to the concept of semi-quantitative, not by qualitative or quantitative. This is because VC10s uses AI artificial intelligence computing technology to estimate the possible residual probability in vegetables. Generally speaking, the higher the residual concentration is,the higher probability it will be detected. According to the result comparison with standard laboratory, it can be achieved up to the ~0.1ppm level.
The probe needs to be cleaned after each test. The cleaning method :please use alcohol cotton sheets, or cotton dipped in pure water, gently wipe, the lifetime of the probe is around 3,000 times (according to the conditions of usage, it will be increased or decreased ) If the light of OK cannot be on after multiple cleanings, the probe cannot be used any longer.
Each VC10s will be calibrated before shipping out, so the probe cannot be replaced.
Waterproof is not available now for this type, please avoid soak VC10s in water when cleaning the probe.
When the result is red light, it means that pesticide residues or nitrate residues inside of the vegetablesare too high. Because VC10s works as counting the total amount of both residues, it is impossible to distinguish which one is high, when one of the residues is high. It will turn red when it is lit. Basically these two residues are unhealthy for the human body. When the residues are detected too high, sometimes the vegetables can be temporarily placed in the ventilated place for a period of time to let the residues degrade naturally or rinse the vegetables in boiling water for few minutes, this mightbe useful for some type of residues, so next time you can buy vegetables from othertrustable stores.
The national standard method is based on mass spectrometer as a testing instrument for qualitative and quantitative detection of each pesticide residue, and legal residue standard values from different pesticides are setup by different characteristics. However the total amount of pesticide residues does not be defined! Jasmat VC10s wants to realize the ideal of convenience and utility in home use,it applies optical and electrical composite technology to directly detect the total amount of pesticide residues in vegetables. The test results from VC10s are positively correlated with those from mass spectrometer and can be regards as reference for home use only. it cannot be used as evidence by law.
The principle of leafy vegetable growth
● The characteristics of leafy vegetables are that they grows upward from the soil, while the absorption of nutrients is transported upward from the soil.
● This type of vegetable is detected by inserting the probe into the xylem of the root.
【The same cross-section can't be repeat detected】
The principle of root vegetable growth
● The characteristics of root vegetables are that they grows downward to the soil, while the absorption of nutrients is transported downward from the soil.
● This type of vegetable is detected by inserting the probe into the xylem of the glans.
【The same cross-section can't be repeat detected】
Jasmat provides one year limited warranty, if there is any functional defect or failure in VC10s within one month after purchase, you can apply new one for replacement. If it happen after one month, we provide free repair only for non-human malfunction. Please contact our local agent or Jasmat directly. The limited warranty we provide does not cover any improper use,abuse, misuse, natural disasters,abnormal mechanical damage or abnormal operating conditions, and any unauthorized disassembly, painting or modification. Please be noted that the product must be remained in original state when it is returned or exchanged,that means it must be packed in original box(including main body, accessories, internal and external packaging, accompanying documents, gifts, etc.)when you received VC10s.
Besides, the following conditions may affect your return rights:
—Just in case if you want to return VC10s (not under human made failure), please keep packing box in good shape and do not remove any sticker or label from VC10s.
—Customized products may not be returned or refunded.

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